High Value Inventory Form

Please use this form to identify any items of extraordinary (high) value. These items are defined as those household items having a value greater than $100.00 per pound. Antiques, china, crystal, figurines, furs, objects of art, Oriental rugs, silverware, tapestries, and high-end bicycles, to name a few, are some examples of typical household items that may have a value in excess of $100.00 per pound, per article. Other items that fall in this category must be identified as well.
High-value coverage only applies for interstate shipments, when the items are professionally packed and unpacked by our staff, and Extra Care Protection coverage is purchased. Failure to identify such articles will result in limited carrier liability. All items in your shipment that are considered to be of extraordinary (high) value must be specifically identified and the carrier must be advised that they are included in the shipment.
Upon completion please return a copy to your Relocation Consultant well in advance of your packing/moving date

Please click here to download our High Value Inventory Form. (pdf format, 177kb)

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